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    There is a reason behind the Total Window Cleaning name. We clean all designs and styles of windows. We take pleasure in storm windows as being our area of expertise. We clean both inside and outside. Cleaning of screens is always free. If you have hard to reach windows, no concern, we can clean them. We will be on schedule, uniformed and in a clearly marked truck with our logo on it.

    We get asked a lot, how does your cleaning process work? We make it look really simple.

    First we use applicators to loosen the dirt, scrubbing the window until it is clean. We then use squeegees to remove the water. And finally we use lint free cloths to detail the edges where water collects. The most important step is an inspection for any touch-ups before we move on.

    All screens are removed and taken outside and cleaned one at a time. The screens are put in last with one more walk through inspection as we are finishing up. Our process may take a little longer than other people's, but the results we provide are why our referral and repeat customer base is the foundation of our business.

  • Window Cleaning by The Experts

    Total Window Cleaning is a professional window cleaning and gutter cleaning company providing service to homeowners throughout the Portland metro area. We are committed to staying on top of industry advancements and safety standards. We pride ourselves on our customer service, quality workmanship and competitive pricing. Our customers are very particular and expect a high quality of service before, during, and after. If this type of service is important to you give us a call today.

    And we will never clean your windows using spray bottles or paper towels. That is something you could do yourself. Instead, we use strip washers to loosen the dirt. Traditional squeegees are used next to remove the water (never a drip anywhere). Than we use surgical lint free cloths around all edges and frames for a streak free shine.

    The difference between Total Window Cleaning and the other guys!
    It's really difficult to express into words. The quality of our work and the detail we put into every job must be experienced first hand. We arrive in a clearly lettered truck and we are always in uniform. While we're at your home you may hardly even know it. Once you have seen our work, you will appreciate the difference between the other window cleaners and Total Window Cleaning.

    Our success is measured by your satisfaction. Having a customer service focus, our goal is to provide you with the very highest quality workmanship you deserve. We have built a solid reputation for timeliness and excellence. From the moment you call our office until we have completed your cleaning service and drive away we are the window cleaning service you've been looking for.

     We are a family owned and operated business of experienced window cleaning experts who take our job seriously. We use the most sophisticated techniques and tools in the business to accomplish the highest quality results.

    Service Beyond Your Expectations. We are devoted to performing an unsurpassed first class service exceeding industry standards with unmatched quality.

    Pane Relief is just a call or text away. Free estimates over the phone with a few quick questions (503) 309-9937 or
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    It looks like the rain is making my windows dirty. No, dirt makes the windows dirty not the rain. Air born dust, tree pollen, exhaust, and many other pollutants will settle on your windows. Rain drops move the dirt all over your windows and after the rain dries the dirt will remain on the windows. The dirt leftover is now very noticeable because it's been distributed all over the window. Clean windows remain clean after the rain due to the fact once the water dries there is absolutely nothing left behind to obscure your view.